Inside Out TV Series!

I received this interesting request and thought what a great idea! I realize petition sounds a little aggressive but definitely a great suggestion. This writer started a petition recommending that Disney build a TV series around Inside Out.


I could definitely see that as an interesting reality considering the complexity of emotions and how important they are to teens and pre-teens. Here is the email: I’ve created a petition with the aim of convincing Disney into creating a TV Series based on Pixar’s latest movie, Inside Out… It’s one of Pixar’s most original movies for a while, and it seems like it’d fit perfectly on TV. I’m optimistic that it could happen, if enough people get back behind it. I was wondering if you could write an article about it, the petition link is:

At the time of posting they have about 200 names on the petition and it looks like they have a target of about 500. Good luck to these folks and who knows, maybe Disney is already planning a series or at least a sequel. It is a great movie and definitely worth considering!

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Ratatouille Numbered Color Script

We have received an email from one of our users seeking help for the valuation of a color script from Ratatouille. The email is below. I have also attached the photo of the print. If anyone has any thoughts, please let us know. One user of our Facebook page suggested it is possibly a crew gift. Any help appreciated and we will pass on to the folks at the Lake Havasu Arizona Thrift Store. Thanks!


Good morning Robert !!! I hope that you are doing well.

I am a volunteer at a thrift store in Lake Havasu Arizona (we raise money for the Western Arizona Humane Society).

We received a donation on Saturday of a print of a color script from the movie Rataouille. It is numbered and so I assume it is a limited edition.

I have searched the internet and have not been able to find anything like this for sale. I see posters, etc, but not a color script.

I have attached a picture – I am wondering if you could help me find someone who would be able to provide more information and hopefully advise what the worth is of this print.

I have attached a picture for you.

I’d appreciate your help.


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Monster Inc. (2001) Revisited

Hard to imagine Monsters Inc. is 14 years old! We had a new and fresh review prepared to share this wonderful Pixar classic.


Monsters Inc. (2001) by Julie
I really enjoyed watching Monsters Inc. I found the idea of a world of monsters using the screams of children to provide power to their city, and the way the company was run a really fun idea! What also amused me was the fact that the monsters were actually afraid of the children they were employed to scare, with the belief that any contact with children could prove fatal. At one point during the film a monster walks into the warehouse of Monsters Inc. via a magical door which provides the entry to the child’s room via the cupboard, with a child’s sock on his back. The CDA (Child Detection Agency) are called and the sock is carefully removed from the monsters back and destroyed by being blown up!
There are plenty of loveable characters in Monsters Inc. our main character being Sulley (the voice of John Goodman), a massive furry blue guy, who currently holds the record of earning the most points from his work as a child scaring monster. His rival Randall (the voice of Steve Buscemi), a purple lizard shaped monster, is the bad guy of the film and will do anything to try and beat Sulley’s top score, even if that means cheating.

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Inside Out is a Blockbuster!

Inside Out blows it away! The folks at Pixar have done it again. This amazing movie has raked in over 90 million on the first weekend and it’s up again the Jurassic Sequelinside_outwhich is an absolute blockbuster that is running in second only to Avengers for all time numbers. Although Inside Out is number 2, it is not a sequel which means it can’t rely on the marketing and branding that sequels enjoy as a result of previous great movies. Inside Out seems to have attracted both families with children (It is incredibly child friendly) and viewers without children. The movie expected to bring in about 60 million but managed significantly more at 90 million and is the second best opening for Pixar of all time behind only Toy Story 3!

Absolutely perfect animation and a perfect coming of age theme of the real world (outside) and the life inside Riley’s brain (inside). Pixar has possibly, put together their best work ever! Pete Docter brought Riley’s world through the feelings of joy, fear, sadness, anger and disgust. It has a great story line and is brilliantly put together. Way to go Pixar!


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Oregon State and Harley Jessup

Pretty impressive when your your University does a piece about you.  I read through the story and videos, they are excellent! Harley was involved with so many great projects and studios that it is hard to really define his best work, it all has a place in the archives of film greats. Think of films such as Twice Upon a Time, Return to Oz, Hook, A Bugs Life, Cars 2 and the list goes on.


Here is the email I received from the folks at the University. Take a look and see the project that they put together about Harley.

Hi Robert,

We recently produced a story and a few videos about Harley Jessup as part of a larger project we produced. He graduated from here at Oregon State University so it was a fantastic opportunity to feature him. You can check it out here:

Oregon State University

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A Bugs Life – Review

A Bugs Life

Hard to believe this film is pretty much a classic! Released in 1998 and loved ever since. We have asked our writer, Julie to do a review for us based on the film. This is not from the technical aspect of animation but the wonderful Children’s story offered in A Bug’s Life.

A Bug’s Life (1998) by Julie

Directed by John Lasseter A Bug’s Life is a charming clever and very funny tale about an Ant named Flik (the voice of Dave Foley) who intends to save his colony of Ants on Ant Island from being bullied and terrorized by a nasty gang of Grasshoppers whose leader Hopper (the voice of Kevin Spacey) makes the Ants

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Inside Out – Final Trailer

YouTube Preview Image

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New Inside Out Poster


Disney-Pixar has released (what is the most likely) final poster for Inside Out. It’s a colorful one, but lacks the innovation of the teaser poster. It’s a simpler design for the more complex premise of the film.

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The Art of Inside Out


The cover art for the latest in Chronicle Book’s amazing series has been released via While, covers have been known to change, I think this one looks pretty darn good. The focus is firmly placed on Joy, who is most likely, the main emotion in the film.

The book will include a foreword by Amy Poehler and an introduction by director Pete Docter. The Art of Inside Out will be released on May 26, 2015. Stay tuned for more!

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Tomy Pixar Toys Are Coming…


Anger Light Up Action Figure

Tomy will be releasing a collection of toys for both Inside Out and The Good Dinosaur.  The Inside Out figures will light up and each come with a unique memory sphere (which will make more sense after you see the film). The toys can be played with individually or can be combined to create a different play experience. More traditional plush will be available too. You can check out more details over at Stitch Kingdom! or The Hollywood Reporter.


Joy Plush

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