A Collection of “Up” Dates…


Lots of Up related news to share with you today.

  • A new For Your Consideration Ad has been unveiled from the cover of the Hollywood Reporter. This scan is courtesy of the fine folks over at Awards Daily.
  • Up opened in Japan over the weekend and earned over $7 million dollars at the box office. This is the 2nd highest opening for an animated film ever (behind Finding Nemo)! It has now grossed over $390 million Internationally and should surpass Ratatouille‘s very impressive International Box Office take ($414 million).
  • Up was selected by MovieFone as one of the Top 10 Movie Posters of the Year!
  • Up has cracked quite a few Top 10 and “Best Of” Lists for the year (with many more to come). Amongst the list so far is honors from The National Board of Review (Best Animated Film), David Denby from The New Yorker and The Washington Film Critics named it the Best Animated Feature.
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