Day & Night: The Quote

Many have asked about the speech or quote near the end of Day & Night. It’s the only dialogue in the short and that makes it even more powerful. According to director Teddy Newton, the quote is from Dr. Wayne Dyer and comes from a 1970’s lecture. Teddy further elaborated that many of the themes from the quote date back to a similar speech by Albert Einstein. Here’s the quote:

Fear of the unknown.

They are afraid of new ideas.

They are loaded with prejudices, not based upon anything in reality, but based on… if something is new, I reject it immediately because it’s frightening to me. What they do instead is just stay with the familiar.

You know, to me, the most beautiful things in all the universe, are the most mysterious.

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34 Responses to Day & Night: The Quote

  1. richperrotti says:

    Having seen TS3 and Day & Night now for a second time, I was even more amazed by the experience. There was quite a mix of ages and races in what was a 2D “neighborhood” theater in Philadelphia where I took this in. The reaction to TS3 was exactly the same as it had been in the Imax “event” setting; more laughs, tears, smiles etc. just as before. What I noticed about Day & Night was sort of a “What was that, that I just saw?” kind of reaction, also very similar to the week before. As a mass, the audience knows it's seen something unique and moving in a way that they can't quite explain. Fascinating it was to me that I heard of murmurs of acknowledgment when the above quote was “broadcast” in the short. I have to give Lasseter credit in green lighting something visionary almost as soon as it was presented to him. Shouldn't shock any of us though that he “got” what Teddy was trying to convey almost immediately.

  2. Cheryl says:

    I had just had a good cry in the parking lot of the movie theater about my move from a state where I was born and raised to an unknown state and I walk into the movie theater to see Toy Story and just as I sit down this quote starts. The timing could not have been anymore perfect! Thank you!

  3. SUEC716 says:

    As a child development specialist I must admit that showing Day for Night was highly inappropriate before TS3!
    But as a proud progressive and liberal and recognizing just how many people will then get a chance to see it…
    Why I am thrilled!

  4. WilliamB says:

    uh – having seen it yesterday with my 6 yr old and i cannot fathom how it would be inappropriate. It was a spectacular short, really made for teens/adults in many ways, but totally fine for kids. Everyone should see it it just for the artistry and the quote – really uplifting. (Not sure how being a progressive and liberal has anything to do with anything – as the piece is agnostic towards view)

  5. SUEC716 says:

    Night & Day was wonderful–What I deem inappropriate is the content not understandable to young children and with most of the audience under 10–the message was lost–And as to the message of inclusion, tolerance, care of the earth and the embracement of the new..that all means progressivism, to me.

  6. WilliamB says:

    okay – fair enough :) – not sure I would use the word inappropriate but i understand what you mean and the little ones wont get the message on one viewing but if they watch the dvd enough who knows?

  7. Pixartalk says:

    Great story Cheryl. Thanks for sharing!

    Greg Mariotti
    Pixar Talk – A blog dedicated to all things Pixar

  8. Delighted says:

    To SUEC716 and WilliamB; I understand where each of you is coming from and would like to commend you for the first back-and-forth that I have ever witnessed on the Internet that resulted in polite agreement. Too often do “posters” take advantage of the Internet's anonymity to hurt others with irrelevantly insensitive comments when they feel that their opinions have been threatened. It seems fitting that you would share in a respectful exchange about a short that promotes such acceptance. I hope everyone can experience this wonderful short story and follow your lead!

  9. What the Heck says:

    I am tolerant and can agree, but I disagree with what Pixar did with Day and Night. What they did was give us a taste of what they think Christians are doing to homosexuals and atheists, and that is trying to force religion down their throats. Pixar forced their form “religion” down our throats by making us watch Day and Night before the movie started. Ok, I get it… touche' haha, very funny! The only difference is is that Pixar is masking evil with good.

  10. What the Heck says:

    Fear of the Unknown???? Who in the world are they talking to? Change in the Workplace? New process at the sweater factory??? John is in a wheelchair now, accept him????? Janice got her hair cut shorter???? African American Folks are moving next door to us???? Asian Family is buying our old Church and making it into a Chinese Restaurant????

    No!!?!? Could it be about accepting Homosexuality and denying your religion as old and outdated???? This is how wars get started folks…

  11. What the Heck says:

    “This is how wars get started folks… ” Let me reiterate that…. This is how you make people angry, before they have to catch themselves and remember that Christ teaches us to love the sinner and hate the sin…

  12. Pixartalk says:

    I really don't think that's what they were saying. I took it to mean judging people in general and trying to find the good in people.

    You are taking a huge leap……

  13. Jo says:

    Stop making everything about religion! There was nothing about god in that short at all. It was only about acceptance!

  14. Dont Apologize says:

    You would have to be pretty naïve to not identify the attempt to indoctrinate the viewer with a “more open and accepting view” of sexual experimentation, namely homosexuality as was artistically illustrated by the two male characters sharing a bewildering rainbow-in-the-crotch experience. The concern we should have is WHY we would trust them to indoctrinate our Youth with social, sexual, or political messages of any kind. Remember when stories had “Morals” and not “Immorals”?

    Additionally strange is the exaltation of Wayne Dyers quote. That guy is a moron and a fraud, and why it would be chosen for inclusion in a children's animation must make perfect sense to only fools. Unless of course, it was chosen to once again punctuate the blatant cry for acceptance of other peoples' unorthodox sexual orientation. Creatively, this animated short was clever until Teddy Newton added his own dissolute agenda.

  15. WilliamB says:

    lol – Don't feed the trolls

  16. What the Heck says:

    Not trolls, just getting the truth out to the masses. Won't stop until it catches the 6 O'clock news!

  17. What the Heck says:

    It's about morals…. and the only thing that I have to back up my version of the truth is my Bible, who do you have back you up????

  18. meme says:

    you're absolutely right, that this cut of film, never mentioned any inclination towards any social group, and another thing is that people must learn to be more united, we must learn that all people have a chance, that the only one who can judge is God and we also have to learn that we do not need more difference in this world, the differences are what separate us every day.
    God bless.

  19. meme says:

    well this short film ..sorry.

  20. How Bowers says:

    Your biggest mistake is thinking that Pixar movies are made for children. They're family-friendly, but the themes, dialog, and stories are squarely aimed at adults.

  21. Trask42 says:

    The bible isn't a real story, nitwit. It's a book of stories and teachings.

  22. Jworks says:

    The Bible is actually a real story…I'm so sorry to break it to you. It's only become a “fairy tail” to half of the world now because of your refusal to believe that you could actually be CREATED by something BIGGER than YOURSELF! I'm not going to get into any kind of “religious” argument here because frankly it's a waste of time. I just hope you guys quit considering yourselves to be the center of the universe because you don't want to open your eyes. You fail to see the obvious of life's purpose Still yet to be disproven on an historic and archeological level…the historicity of the Bible stands as firm as your ignorance of it.

    And as far as tolerance goes. I am a Christian and I judge no one. If you're gay. I can still hang out with you and deal with you as I would any other individual. It would even be a pleasure to do something nice for you to be completely honest. I have a few gay friends actually…love em. One was even in my wedding. But with that said, and not because of my faith in God, Day and Night was completely unnecessary and a flat out political spat of universal uneasiness and quizzicality. Disney has decided to ram it home (no pun intended) with this one because they feel that they have some sort of mandate (can't put Divine in front of that so I guess the better word is Existential), to do the homosexual community a favor and blanket their ideology with the vigor of a cornered pit-bull. Or Shihtzu in this case. Wrong venue, wrong movie, poor judgment Disney.

  23. Amy Robinson says:

    Thank you for sharing. Day and Night is an imagination masterpiece. Please let me know when it is available outside the theater. Cheers to the brilliant creative capacity of the human mind.


  24. Pixartalk says:

    You can download it on iTunes now :)

  25. stephanie says:

    lol so the religous people who have posted here pretty much confirmed how truthful that quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer is.

    I absolutley loved the short, it made me confused, it made me laugh, and it made me cry. Thumbs up to Pixar.

  26. Stephanie says:

    So you thought the message of tolerance and acceptance of ALL people were inapropriate for children, yet you saw no problem with the characters oogling a half naked chick and images of gambling? Ok then…

  27. ruyler says:

    1. the bible is not actually a real story…2. if this film is commenting towards religion and the bible, then I do not see how you can argue with it. It seems obvious to me that discoveries in science have been disproving the bible more and more over the years, and if the quote in the film is saying anything about religion well then it's saying, “hey people wake up, stop being afraid of change, stop being in denial of new scientific discoveries, being stuck on an outdated religion is only harmful to our future, stop pretending that you KNOW how and why we are here, it's time to stop being scared and accept that we DO NOT know at all and it is all still a mystery…don't be scared of the mystery either, love and enjoy it…3. the short film was brilliant, and I don't even think it was about religion…but i do feel that people are scared of change and not knowing, and it is a wonderful thing to try and get people over this fear

  28. Rooney says:

    I do not understand how the ideas of tolerance and acceptance are controversial, whether or not the short was pleasing a viewer. For any member of the audience (religious, agnostic, homosexual, heterosexual, young, old, etc.) these concepts of acceptance, and ultimately love, should be embraced. Sure, every person has the right to dislike or enjoy this piece, but it seems silly to me disagree with tolerance. I know that i am not perfect; for this reason, it always nice to be reminded to open up my mind and heart. While this message may have fallen on my 8-year-old sister's disinterested ears, I believe that one is never too young (or old) to be exposed to a positive and peaceful discourse. In fact, encouraging such a discourse is socially responsible and courageous.

  29. Permafry_42 says:

    let me get this straight. you’re complaining about people’s “refusal to believe” in your views, yet at the same time you’re complaining about people presenting their views. So basically your saying the only people that can present views is the people who agree with you or yourself? that would be known as selectivism. may you please read the following:

  30. Permafry_42 says:

    this short in my opinion is the perfect demonstration of 3d at it's best. the 2d images of the (for lack of a better term) blobs, in combination with the 3d visuals the reveal with their shape contrasts the 2 views perfectly! i'm definetly getting this short for my 3ds when i get 1

  31. Pixartalk says:

    Let's all try and get along :)

  32. Jj2 says:

    If you are a believer then why do you have gay “friends”? As you know, you should not yoke yourself with unbelievers. I view someone that is openly gay the same as someone that is committing adultery or cheating on their spouse. So no, I really have no gay “friends”. Do I love them? Yes. Will I associate with them? Yes. But I have no gay friends not should any Christian…

  33. Jjaz says:

    Sir, with all due respect, you are incorrect. I do not accept homosexuality and never will. The fall of our nation is acceptance of immoral behavior.

  34. Pelham says:

    I can't stand those terms… “Open minded” “Tolerance”. I am not tolerant of behavior that I believe to be immoral. You may not be a Christian but are you tolerant to pedophiles? This is how I view homos. It is wickedness and not acceptable behavior for a functioning society.

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