Pixar Bytes: Oscar Campaign, Newton Retrospective & More!

  • Wow. Some great FYC Oscar ads by the creative team at Disney-Pixar for Toy Story 3. They are attempting to evoke Oscar winners of years gone by and remind the voters of other sequels (Godfather 2, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King, etc.) that have won Oscar gold. They are hoping for a win in the Best Picture category. You can read more about the campaign at Deadline Hollywood, but you’ll see a couple of the great new ads above.
  • 3D World Magazine has an engrossing interview with Teddy Newton. The conversation mostly revolves around Day & Night, but he does talk about a future project and a few other tidbits as well…
  • There’s a video interview with Up producer Jonas Rivera over at SF State Gator Buzz. It’s worth a look.
  • Toy Story 3 was the #1 selling Blu-ray and DVD for a second week in a row. I wonder if it can do again next week…
  • Lastly, you’ve seen the Toy Story 3 finale mash up with Michael Giacchino’s unforgettable “Life and Death” score from Lost, right? It’s genius.

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2 Responses to Pixar Bytes: Oscar Campaign, Newton Retrospective & More!

  1. Nick Devito says:

    That last Toy Story 3 video worked wonders. It just makes me imagine how Giacchino would’ve scored it.

  2. Jstrawn says:

    Yes, that Toy Story 3 finale mash up was simply clever. I’m still waiting for my big idea.
    Oh, and BTW, you just sold one more copy of the Lost finale soundtrack (to me). You should email Giacchino and demand your cut!

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