Exclusive: Tom McCarthy on Pete Docter’s Next Pixar Film – “Amazing” & “Ambitious”

Tom McCarthy

I was fortunate to see a special screening of Tom McCarthy’s (who helped craft the story for Up along with Pete Docter and Bob Peterson) newest film Win Win last night and it’s a great piece of cinema. If you aren’t familiar with McCarthy, you really should seek out his work. His first two films as writer/director (The Station Agent and The Visitor) are wonderful and his latest does not disappoint either.

Alex Shaffer & Paul Giamatti of Win Win

Tom was in attendance and did a Q & A after the film (along with breakout star Alex Shaffer). I was able to talk with Tom briefly after the Q & A and I asked him if he’s working on the story with Pete Docter on Pete’s next unannounced Pixar film and he said No.  He said he recently visited Pixar to screen Win Win and did spend some time with Docter. Tom went on to say that Pete has some “Amazing” and “Ambitious” ideas and plans for his next Pixar film and he had a “really hard time wrapping his brain around them” because they were really out there. Sounds like it’s progressing nicely!

Pete Docter

With many Pixarians going the live action route, it’s great to see Pete Docter stick with his roots and I for one, cannot wait to see the next film that he creates. Here’s hoping for a 2014 release!

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3 Responses to Exclusive: Tom McCarthy on Pete Docter’s Next Pixar Film – “Amazing” & “Ambitious”

  1. Fantastic work, Greg.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks Derrick. Very excited about Pete’s next.

  3. Anonymous says:

    That is some of the coolest “sketchy” news that I’ve heard in a long time. As long as the Pixar mix includes new projects like this and “Brave,” the sequels won’t be a bone of contention. After all, we haven’t seen a “Direct to Blu/DVD” release to date (thankfully!)

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