Exclusive: Pixar Bobbleheads & POP! Figures Coming Soon By Funko!

I’m very excited to announce some brand new Pixar toys that will be hitting the Disney Store in May. Funko will be releasing a line of Pixar Bobbleheads, along with a Pixar collection of their fantastic new Pop! creations. In this exclusive post, you’ll find pictures of Series 1 of the Bobbleheads and Pop! toys, along with my interview with the Disney Store and Funko that focuses on the Pop! toys. I’ve also a few pics at the Disney characters that will making a Pop! appearance as well. Enjoy!

Pixar Talk: Tell me about your relationship with Funko and how it began.

Disney Store: Well, we started out as fans, and have been buying Funko stuff (personally) for years.  We knew we wanted their product for our stores when we introduced MARVEL to our assortment.  Our friends at Pixar were egging us on, so we met up with Funko at Toy Fair, and then Comic Con, and soon a line was born…!

Pixar Talk: What makes the Pop! line unique and different from other vinyl figures?

They’re fun and modern interpretations that work against all types of characters, and they really appeal to both casual fans and collectors of all ages.

Pixar Talk: When and where will the Pop! line be available to purchase?

We’re going to be introducing Series 1 of our Disney Pop! line exclusively at most North American Disney Store locations and DisneyStore.com this May, so be on the lookout!

Pixar Talk: Your company is known for bobbleheads and plush figures, what was the inspiration for the Pop! line?

Funko: We feel that Funko’s niche is taking a beloved character and really trying to stylize and have fun with it. The Pop! idea was born through our PLUSHIE designs which are super stylized and simplified takes on these beloved characters. As we designed the plush, it became apparent that the design would also make a fantastic mini vinyl line!

Pixar Talk: What is the approximate height of the Pop! figures?

Funko: Each Pop! figure is about 4″ tall.

Pixar Talk: Was it hard to keep each character’s personality, yet keep a fairly uniform look to the Pop! line?

Funko: Yes, the non humans are much more difficult to keep consistent. Lotso and Beast (from the Series 2 collection) were a few that were difficult to keep Pop! like.

Pixar Talk: Any characters that you tried and just didn’t work?

Funko: Not yet, but I am sure one of designs just won’t work as a Pop!  Though I bet we can figure it out :)

Pixar Talk: How did you decide which characters to involved in the Series 1?

Disney Store & Funko: This part was fun…Just a stream of back and forth emails brainstorming on who would lead off series #1, and who we would want to save for future reveals.  We do have 6 series planned out already… so with the vast Disney/Pixar library at our disposal, it was fun trying to decide who would make our initial run.

Pixar Talk: There’s a nice mix of classic Disney and Pixar characters in the first wave. What upcoming characters will we see in Wave 2?

Disney Store & Funko: Expect to see some Incredibles, Lotso, Boo, Jack Skellington, Minnie Mouse, Belle, Steamboat Willie, the Beast and a more than a few surprises.

Lastly, here’s a look at the upcoming Pixar Bobbleheads:

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6 Responses to Exclusive: Pixar Bobbleheads & POP! Figures Coming Soon By Funko!

  1. Jstrawn says:

    Thanks for bringing this out. Those Pop! figures just look creepy to me, but the bobbleheads look great.. makes me want to build a new wall of shelving in my basement for even more toys.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think the POP! are pretty darn quite myself….

  3. 1indienation says:

    want them all <3

  4. Aurora says:

    I dont so much like the Bobble Heads but I LOVE the Pop! Figurines! I need the Maleficent one!

  5. Tazzy_izzie says:

    where can i find it here at san diego area? specific?

  6. Anonymous says:

    These come out in January and are only available at Disney Stores or disneystore.com

    Greg Mariotti
    Pixar Talk – A blog dedicated to all things Pixar

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