Brave on iTunes Includes Exclusive Extra!

Here we go again….The Brave iTunes version includes an exclusive extra that is unavailable anywhere else. “Songs and Stories of Scotland” is a featurette with composer Patrick Doyle and looks interesting. While I understand Disney’s marketing machine and wanting to give each release something exclusive, it’s a bummer that it wasn’t included on the Blu-ray/DVD combo pack…

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4 Responses to Brave on iTunes Includes Exclusive Extra!

  1. Brady Gorman says:

    I REALLY hate it when they do stuff like this.

  2. ZD says:

    I really hate Apple ! :D
    Will wait until it’s on utube.

  3. feloniousmax says:

    But the Combo pack comes with an iTunes copy, so you still get this feature.

  4. Pixartalk says:

    Nope. The digital copy including does not contain any extras.

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