Pixar Artists Form New Video Game Studio


Adding to the growing list of artists pursuing independent projects at Pixar, a few more of their highly motivated, overachieving employees have begun their own gaming studio, Steel Wool Games.

The studio was co-founded back in 2011 by animator Sequoia Blankenship, technical director Joshua Qualtieri, shading artist Jonathan Hoffman, technical director Andrew Lee Dayton, and manager Jason Topolski.  Collectively, the Steel Wool co-founders have credits on films such as A Bug’s Life, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Up, and Brave.

Steel Wool Games first title will be Flyhunter Origins. The game’s genre is partial platformer with chase sequence minigames.  The studio has labeled its style as “Grimsical,” which they say describe their ambition to make funny, whimsical games dipped in gritty tones.

Alluding to Pixar’s mantra that ‘story is king,’ co-founder Joshua Qualtieri says that in the game world, the equivalent is gameplay.  For that reason the company has brought on an additional 11 employees to fill in the gaps on the production and improve the gameplay on its first title.

Ripstone, the studio behind the Playstation 3 and Playstation vita game Big Sky Infinity, will publish Flyhunter.  Expect the game to be released sometime this summer.

Check out Steel Wool Games website for more updates on Flyhunter.


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