A Bugs Life – Review

A Bugs Life

Hard to believe this film is pretty much a classic! Released in 1998 and loved ever since. We have asked our ClassicFilmReview.com writer, Julie to do a review for us based on the film. This is not from the technical aspect of animation but the wonderful Children’s story offered in A Bug’s Life.

A Bug’s Life (1998) by Julie

Directed by John Lasseter A Bug’s Life is a charming clever and very funny tale about an Ant named Flik (the voice of Dave Foley) who intends to save his colony of Ants on Ant Island from being bullied and terrorized by a nasty gang of Grasshoppers whose leader Hopper (the voice of Kevin Spacey) makes the Ants

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2 Responses to A Bugs Life – Review

  1. bparena says:

    This movie A Bugs Life is one of my favorite Pixar films so far. Gladly I remember and sometimes I look at this movie again.

  2. Mark says:

    Is there a review? Or just a recap of the film?

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