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gather food for him and the gang every year or face the consequences. So each year the Ants work hard to gather food for the offering before thinking about their own food for the winter.
Our main character Flik is always trying out new inventions and unfortunately this time, one of his inventions causes the newly presented pile of food for the Grasshoppers, to fall from the rock and into the water below. The Ants are petrified as Hopper and his gang whose wings sound like motor cycles, break into their hill. The colony are told to double the food in time for when the last leaf falls from its tree.
Flint, extremely sorry for the trouble he has caused, suggests that he head to the city to gather help for the gathering of food. This is seen as a great idea for out of the way Flint can cause no more trouble. It seems that no one has any faith in Flik to accomplish his goal apart from Dot (the voice of Hayden Panettiere) the little girl who is heir to the throne after her sister and mother. Dot waits patiently for Flik’s return home.
When Flik arrives at the city he is in awe of what stands before him (as was I it was very clever!); a city made of empty food boxes and tin cans, cardboard walk ways and a bustling population of various insects. Flik spots a saloon, where the tables are made of bottle tops. On the lookout for “tough bugs” he spots a group of what he doesn’t yet know to be down on their luck circus bugs, trying to find a way out of a fight. Flik mistakes their theatrical attempt at being warriors for the real thing and asks them to come with him, although the circus bugs believe Flik is a talent scout. Back at Ant Island, the Ant Colony are introduced to the circus; Francis (the voice of Denis Leary) the ladybug who is regularly mistaken for a girl; Slim (the voice of David Hyde Pierce) a stick insect who is always cast as the prop in the circus shows; Gypsy (the voice of Madeline Kahn) a beautiful moth; Manny (the voice of Jonathan Harris) the praying mantis and Gypsy’s husband; Tuck and Roll (the voice of Michael McShane) two hilarious bugs we never understand a word of!; Dim (the voice of Brad Garrett) a rhinoceros beetle, and the circus mode of transport; Rosie (the voice of Bonnie Hunt) the black widow spider; and Heimlich (the voice of Joe Ranft) a fat green German caterpillar, eager to get his wings.
Is isn’t long before Flik realizes that he has made a mistake and the “Warrior Bugs” are not warriors at all and have no intention of standing up to the Grasshoppers. Flik does his best to keep this realization away from the Queen (the voice of Phyllis Diller), and her daughter Atta (the voice of Julia Louis-Dreyfus). The circus bugs all decide they want no part in this and go to leave however Flik’s insistence that they stay disturbs a bird and it looks like Dot is in real trouble until the circus bugs save her, adding to the belief that they are real warriors. Francis breaks his leg and recuperates whilst the children of the colony keep him company. Flik comes up with a brilliant idea; to build a fake bird that he can operate in order to scare Hopper and his gang away. So the entire ant colony and the circus bugs work together to create a fake bird made out of acorns, and other materials from the island, with the falling autumn leaves as its feathers.
Princess Atta really starts to believe in Flik until one day the circus the bugs all left comes looking for them, complete with a poster of their faces. With the entire community disappointed at Flik’s deceit, he is forced to leave Ant Island with the circus.

A Bug's Life

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Not long afterwards the last leaf falls from the sky and the Grasshoppers arrive looking for their food to find there is none. Dot is determined to get Flik and the circus bugs back to help and so using all her strength she manages to get her new wings working for the first time and tracks the circus down to tell them the trouble Ant Island is in. However Flik is feeling very deflated and doesn’t believe he can help until the circus bugs tell him that they believe in him. So Flik decides they will return to Ant Island.
Hopper wants the circus squished when they first arrive and give him the false impression that they were invited by Princess Atta to entertain him. The fake bird is released from its tree with Flik behind the controls but an accident sets the bird on fire and leaves Hopper furious until Flik stands up to Hopper and tells him that it is he who needs the Ants to collect food for him as he is the weaker one, and they will not stand for it any longer. Finding inspiration from Flik’s words Hopper turns to see an entire colony of angry ants ready to take on him and his gang. As the grasshoppers leave in a panic rain starts to fall like the sound of hundreds of bombs and Hopper tries to take Flik away until Atta saves him.
Flik has a plan and manages to get Hopper to follow him and Atta close to where the real bird and its chicks live. Disturbing the bird, Hopper is fed into the hungry mouths of the chicks, and the ant colony is saved.
When summer arrives Heimlich finally emerges from his cocoon with the cutest tiniest wings we see and the ant colony are using Flik’s harvesting invention, the one that caused so much trouble in the first place!

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2 Responses to A Bugs Life – Review

  1. bparena says:

    This movie A Bugs Life is one of my favorite Pixar films so far. Gladly I remember and sometimes I look at this movie again.

  2. Mark says:

    Is there a review? Or just a recap of the film?

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