Inside Out is a Blockbuster!

Inside Out blows it away! The folks at Pixar have done it again. This amazing movie has raked in over 90 million on the first weekend and it’s up again the Jurassic Sequelinside_outwhich is an absolute blockbuster that is running in second only to Avengers for all time numbers. Although Inside Out is number 2, it is not a sequel which means it can’t rely on the marketing and branding that sequels enjoy as a result of previous great movies. Inside Out seems to have attracted both families with children (It is incredibly child friendly) and viewers without children. The movie expected to bring in about 60 million but managed significantly more at 90 million and is the second best opening for Pixar of all time behind only Toy Story 3!

Absolutely perfect animation and a perfect coming of age theme of the real world (outside) and the life inside Riley’s brain (inside). Pixar has possibly, put together their best work ever! Pete Docter brought Riley’s world through the feelings of joy, fear, sadness, anger and disgust. It has a great story line and is brilliantly put together. Way to go Pixar!


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  1. Ann Ebert says:

    One of your best. Excellent writing and what a fun way to look at those little voices in our heads. Please keep this type of quality film making going forever. Children and adults alike can use quality entertainment.

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