Oregon State and Harley Jessup

Pretty impressive when your your University does a piece about you.  I read through the story and videos, they are excellent! Harley was involved with so many great projects and studios that it is hard to really define his best work, it all has a place in the archives of film greats. Think of films such as Twice Upon a Time, Return to Oz, Hook, A Bugs Life, Cars 2 and the list goes on.


Here is the email I received from the folks at the University. Take a look and see the project that they put together about Harley.

Hi Robert,

We recently produced a story and a few videos about Harley Jessup as part of a larger project we produced. He graduated from here at Oregon State University so it was a fantastic opportunity to feature him. You can check it out here: http://beavernation.is/thenation/jessup/

Oregon State University

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