Monster Inc. (2001) Revisited

Hard to imagine Monsters Inc. is 14 years old! We had a new and fresh review prepared to share this wonderful Pixar classic.


Monsters Inc. (2001) by Julie
I really enjoyed watching Monsters Inc. I found the idea of a world of monsters using the screams of children to provide power to their city, and the way the company was run a really fun idea! What also amused me was the fact that the monsters were actually afraid of the children they were employed to scare, with the belief that any contact with children could prove fatal. At one point during the film a monster walks into the warehouse of Monsters Inc. via a magical door which provides the entry to the child’s room via the cupboard, with a child’s sock on his back. The CDA (Child Detection Agency) are called and the sock is carefully removed from the monsters back and destroyed by being blown up!
There are plenty of loveable characters in Monsters Inc. our main character being Sulley (the voice of John Goodman), a massive furry blue guy, who currently holds the record of earning the most points from his work as a child scaring monster. His rival Randall (the voice of Steve Buscemi), a purple lizard shaped monster, is the bad guy of the film and will do anything to try and beat Sulley’s top score, even if that means cheating.

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