Monster Inc. (2001) Revisited

It’s when Randall tries to cheat that everything goes wrong in the world of Monsters Inc. Sulley’s best friend Mike Wazowski (the voice of Billy Crystal) a one eyed green monster, has a special birthday date planned for his girlfriend Celia (the voice of Jennifer Tilly), a secretary at Monsters Inc. who resembles Medusa, with snakes as her hair. Mike however keeps neglecting to file his paperwork at the end of the day and Sulley offers to take care of it for him.
It is whilst Sulley is about to do this that he spots the one child’s door left in the warehouse, which Randall has secretly prepared to do his scaring. As all children’s cupboard doors should have been put away at the end of the day, Sulley takes a moment to check if there is a monster doing any scaring in the bedroom, neglecting to notice a tiny little girl has stepped past him and into the warehouse, which is a real no-no at Monsters Inc.
Sulley does his best to hide the child but it is inevitable that she will soon be discovered and when she is, the entire monster city goes into panic. Mike and Sulley hide the little girl back at Sulley’s home where after a while, Sulley begins to wonder if the little girl is really dangerous at all. Sulley and Mike decide to dress the little girl now named Boo (the voice of Mary Gibbs) as a monster and smuggle her back into Monsters Inc. where they hope they can return her to her bedroom, if only they can get access to Boo’s bedroom door, but they need a special pass key!
Randall’s discovery of the girl being with Mike and Sulley causes further complications, and it doesn’t help that the entire building is absolutely swarming with the CDA. Sulley starts to look at his scaring little children in a whole new light when he is made to do a demonstration for some new recruits, which terrifies poor Boo. Sulley realizes how scary he really can look, but is there a way around this? It seems that when Boo laughs there is always a massive electricity surge…
When the truth of the situation has been told, Mike and Sulley are banished by the owner of Monsters Inc. Henry J. Waternoose III (the voice of James Coburn) where they meet the Abominable Snowman (the voice of John Ratzenberger) in the Himalayas. But Sulley’s quick thinking gets him and Mike back through a child’s door and into Monsters Inc. where Boo is in danger as she now knows too much about the monster world.
Sulley and Mike manage to save her but will they get Boo safely back home?
Monsters Inc. will touch the hearts of people of all ages. What I love about Pixar films is how much thought goes into each individual character to make them so unique, both in appearance and personality, and I guarantee you’ll find your favorite Monsters Inc. character if you haven’t seen the film already!

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