Ratatouille Numbered Color Script

We have received an email from one of our users seeking help for the valuation of a color script from Ratatouille. The email is below. I have also attached the photo of the print. If anyone has any thoughts, please let us know. One user of our Facebook page suggested it is possibly a crew gift. Any help appreciated and we will pass on to the folks at the Lake Havasu Arizona Thrift Store. Thanks!


Good morning Robert !!! I hope that you are doing well.

I am a volunteer at a thrift store in Lake Havasu Arizona (we raise money for the Western Arizona Humane Society).

We received a donation on Saturday of a print of a color script from the movie Rataouille. It is numbered and so I assume it is a limited edition.

I have searched the internet and have not been able to find anything like this for sale. I see posters, etc, but not a color script.

I have attached a picture – I am wondering if you could help me find someone who would be able to provide more information and hopefully advise what the worth is of this print.

I have attached a picture for you.

I’d appreciate your help.


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