Inside Out TV Series!

I received this interesting request and thought what a great idea! I realize petition sounds a little aggressive but definitely a great suggestion. This writer started a petition recommending that Disney build a TV series around Inside Out.


I could definitely see that as an interesting reality considering the complexity of emotions and how important they are to teens and pre-teens. Here is the email: I’ve created a petition with the aim of convincing Disney into creating a TV Series based on Pixar’s latest movie, Inside Out… It’s one of Pixar’s most original movies for a while, and it seems like it’d fit perfectly on TV. I’m optimistic that it could happen, if enough people get back behind it. I was wondering if you could write an article about it, the petition link is:

At the time of posting they have about 200 names on the petition and it looks like they have a target of about 500. Good luck to these folks and who knows, maybe Disney is already planning a series or at least a sequel. It is a great movie and definitely worth considering!

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