The Good Dinosaur by Pixar

The Good Dinosaur

I guess the best way to describe the film is that it definitely portrays the best animated landscapes ever! The film seems more children oriented than others but there is definitely a large adult following of all things Pixar. I was first captured by Cars and fell in love ever since with the style and animation design of everything Pixar produces. The Good Dinosaur further improves on the pristine and captivating animation.


A single moment changes history. Imagine the asteroid 65 million years ago not hitting Earth and the Dinosaur world carried forward. The Good Dinosaur with its main characters Arlo and a Caveboy somewhat lost and on a journey full of adversity trying to find a way back to Arlo’s home.

The film is produced by Peter Sohn (Also a voice cast in the film) from a screenplay by Meg Lafauve. The cast is excellent as always with Pixar and Peters work on Inside Out speaks for itself on the creative ability he is able to bring forward from a vast amount of experience on previous Pixar films.

Although the film raked in some serious dollars, It opened on Thanksgiving weekend and shared the Box Office with The Hunger Games: Mockingjay 2. Pixar had pretty high expectations as traditionally the films are very successful. Some estimates are that the film had a budget at about 200 million. Some estimates are that the film should bring in about 215 million worldwide. I am sure the math at Pixar is much more complicated than this but they had probably expected a much greater return. Personally, I think that the film will continue to bring long term returns and this is another excellent film to add into the content barn.

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