Impact of Pixar on DisneyWorld

I have been enjoying a family vacation this week at DisneyWorld and being a Pixar fan was amazed at the impact of Pixar on DisneyWorld. Pixar is everywhere! The magic of Disney is even more Magical with the perfect integration of Pixar animation throughout the Park.


Pixar Studios is the newest section at DisneyWorld and it features Toy Story and a very popular ride called Toy Story Midway Mania. It is a dark and interactive shooting ride. It is the type of ride you will want to do over and over again. The Pixar Animation Studio is replicated here and there are lots of character meet and greets. Seemed to be a very popular area of Hollywood Studios.

In Animal Kingdom we found Nemo The Musical which was really great. The theater filled up fast and everyone seemed really excited to see the show. Also in Animal Kingdom was Its Tough to be a Bug. Very popular and continual traffic flow. Very interactive with mist, water, things moving in the seats (bugs) and so forth.

In Magic Kingdom the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor was really well done. They ask the audience to text jokes while waiting in line and use the jokes interactively with the audience. It is done really well and pretty amazing how the improvise the show to each new group. Be careful if you get embarrassed easily as there are cameras at each seat and you can suddenly appear on the big screen! Do not miss this one!

I never got to Epcot but there is an attraction The Seas With Nemo and Friends. Also, throughout the park you always see Pixar characters and references. It was also great to see that the stunt car show Lights Motors Action in Hollywood Studios had a feature with a replica of Lightning McQueen.


The whole show was amazing and I was really surprised to see Lightning introduced into the show. If you are a Pixar fan and are visiting DisneyWorld, keep your eyes open. From featured attractions, to character meet and greets, signs and souvenirs, it is very impressive to see the importance and the impact of Pixar and DisneyWorld. As Pixar continues to roll out some great films, I think Disney will be pretty busy finding ways to integrate them into their Parks :)


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