“The thing I love about the Blu-ray is that it’s the first time you’ll be able to watch our movie exactly as good as we see it every day in this building.”
Andrew Stanton

“Blu-ray is the best yet because the picture quality, especially for our movies, is unbelievable. The color, the clarity-what you’re seeing at home on your screen is exactly what Pixar intended when we made the film. Plus, the sound quality is superb.” John Lasseter

Click on the cover art below for a detailed look at each of Pixar’s masterful Blu-ray releases.

braveblufront bugsblufront2 carsbdfront  
monstersblu pixarshortsblurayfront ratbdfront1 tsblufront ts2blufront  toystoryterrorbluflatupblurayfront walleblurayfront