Claudia Chung

Born in 1980 in the Californian Bay Area, Claudia Chung is a simulation and tailoring artist at Pixar.  Much like a ‘real-life’ tailor or costume designer, she is responsible for fitting the costumes on Pixar’s characters.

Claudia Chung

Claudia graduated from the University of California Berkeley with a computer science degree in 2001.  After graduation, she started at Pixar as a rendering TD on Finding Nemo.  After Nemo she began cloth simulation on The Incredibles and tailored the costumes for the characters in Ratatouille.  She became character cloth lead on Up, overseeing all tailoring and simulation for the film’s characters.

Most recently, Claudia was the simulation supervisor on Brave.  As simulation supervisor she was responsible for all character effects in the film, including cloth and hair simulation.  In order to get the right volume and bounciness to Merida’s iconic red hair, Claudia led the team artists and technicians that developed the new hair simulation software at Pixar called Taz (after the Looney Tunes character).   Taz mathematically calculates the curves and collisions that happen naturally within Merida’s curly hair.  The software was in development for three years until the final look and optimization was achieved.

Claudia currently lives in Oakland with her husband Babak Sanii.


  • Finding Nemo (computer graphics artist)
  • The Incredibles (technical director)
  • Lifted (simulation artist)
  • Ratatouille (simulation artist, tailoring artist)
  • Up (character cloth lead)
  • Brave (simulation supervisor)


  • After tailoring a pair of pants for a month on Ratatouille, Claudia was asked by a lead to take a sewing class.  She mostly sewed tablecloths, but the experience of doing so helped her better understand the principles of tailoring in CG.



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