Toy Story – Finding Nemo

This is my attempt to list the various Pixar Easter Eggs from all the theatrical films. I will stick with references to other Pixar films (along with the infamous “A113″), but will not be including references to various animators (such as initials on screen, characters named after Pixar staff, etc.)


ts1books ts1ball
Some of the book titles visible behind Woody include Red’s Dream , Tin Toy and Knick Knack.
The “Luxo Ball” can be spotted at various times during the movie (including a bounce off point for Buzz when attempts to “fly”)
ts1luxo ts1a113
It looks like a color variation of the famous Luxo lamp “helps” Buzz fall out the window.
Andy’s Mom’s license plate number is A113. This is a reference to John Lasseter’s legendary CalArts classroom.
The Pizza Planet truck makes its debut!




bugslifepp bugslifeppcup
The Pizza Planet truck is parked next to the trailer.
There’s also a Pizza Planet cup visible as well.
A113 can be seen behind Flik to the left.



There are two A113 references. Andy’s mom’s license plate and Lasset Air Flight A113.
The “Fixer” that Al calls upon to repair Woody is none other than Geri, from the Geri’s Game short. You can even see his chess pieces inside his tool box.
ts2shorts ts2luxo
When the gang are switching channels, many Pixar shorts flash on the TV including Tin Toy, Knick Knack and Luxo Jr.
The Luxo Lamp can be seen as a constellation at the very beginning of the film.
ts2pp ts2luxoball
The Pizza Planet truck plays a key role in the plot.
The “Luxo Ball” can be spotted at various times during the movie (on the TV, at Al’s Toy Barn, Andy’s room, etc.
ts2heimlich ts2bugslife
Many A Bug’s Life references including Heimlich on the branch here.
The A Bug’s Life calendar on the wall.
ts2bugslifetoys ts2bugisland
There are A Bug’s Life toys in Al’s Toy Barn.
The “Jessie’s song” sequence features the same tree and landmark used in A Bug’s Life.
ts2bugslifebook ts2pinkbear
Mrs. Potato Head is reading A Bug’s Life book.
The pink bear from Toy Story is also for sale at Al Toy’s Barn.



monsterspp monstersplane
Yep, there’s the Pizza Planet truck (and the trailer) from A Bug’s Life. The clown and the wooden plane were featured in the Toy Story films.
monstersclown monsterswallpaper
There’s the Toy Story roly poly clown in the background near the scream cannisters. A113 can be seen in the background when Sulley sees Smitty and Needleman loading the trash compactor (not pictured)
Andy’s wallpaper from Toy Story is one of the Randall backgrounds.
monstersmarlin monstersnemo2
Lots of Finding Nemo references including the Marlin painting on the wall. The Nemo fixture on the wall inside in the room/closet.
monstersnemo monstersjessieball
The Nemo toy that Boo hands to Sulley.
Boo’s room also features the Luxo ball and the Jessie doll.




Yep, that’s A113 on the camera!
The boat in Sydney Harbor is named For the Birds.
nemoincredibles nemoknickknack
The boy in the dentist’s office is reading a comic book starring Mr. Incredible! You can just make out the mermaid from Knick Knack at the head of the ship.
nemoluigi nemomike
Blink and you’ll miss Luigi’s (Cars) debut! Mike Wazowski swims by…

Here’s the Monsters, Inc. mobile (from Boo’s room) in the dentist artist.
Buzz Lightyear makes an appearance in the Dentist Office


Don’t miss the Pizza Planet cameo when Gil explains the escape attempt.





Please let me know if I missed any major easter eggs and send me screen shots if possible.