Chris Chua


Chris Chua was born in Manila Philippines on July 2, 1978 and immigrated to the United States shortly before his 10th birthday.  He grew up in New Jersey, developing a love of Disney films, Warner Brothers cartoons, and live action films such as Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and Ghostbusters to name a few.  Chris’s love of drawing and animation was fostered by his parents and eventually led to his enrollment at CalArts where he studied 4 years of classical 2D hand drawn animation.  There, Chris learned how to storyboard, design, animate and construct several short animated films.

During Chris’ summer breaks in college, he worked on the TV show, Futurama at Rough Draft Studios in Glendale and became an intern at “Rhythm & Hues” in Marina Del Rey learning how to do CG animation.  After his final year at Cal Arts, he was hired at Dreamworks Animation Studios as a rough inbetweener for Sinbad and then progressed as a background crowd animator on Shark Tale. He was promoted to full time animator on Flushed Away.

Before starting at Pixar, Chris did a short stint working on Lucas Arts’ “Force Unleashed” video game as well as teaching at Animation Mentor. He started working at Pixar in late November of 2007 as a fix animator on WALL-E.  Since then, he has been promoted to an animator position, having worked on Up, Brave and several Cars Toons episodes such as Monster Truck Mater, and Heavy Metal Mater.  Chris current project is Monsters University.


  • Billy’s Crush (1998) (CalArts short)
  • The Gift (2000) (CalArts short
  • The Heist (2001) (CalArts short)
  • Futurama (2001) (character layout artist)
  • Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas (2003) (rough inbetweener)
  • Flushed Away (2006) (animator)
  • WALL-E (2008) (fix animator)
  • Up (2009) (animator)
  • Brave (2012) (animator)
  • Monsters University (animator)


  • You can watch Chris’s short films here
  • Chris does a lot of observational sketches which can be found at his other blog.


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