Peter Sohn

Peter Sohn

Peter Sohn was born and raised in the Bronx, New York, where his parents owned a grocery store. His parents had come over from Korea and worked very hard to provide for their family. Because both his parents long hours, Peter and his younger brother spent a lot of time hanging out at the grocery store and using their imagination to stay busy by making up stories and drawing.

By eighth grade, Peter’s family was ready for something new. They sold the grocery store and moved to the suburbs in White Plains. His parents bought an art supply and framing store and this furthered Peter’s interest in drawing and animation.

By meeting local artists who stopped by the store, Peter’s mom found out about a summer animation program in Manhattan. Amongst the teachers there, were some Sesame Street animators, who first mention to Peter, the idea of attending CalArts.

Sohn applied and was accepted and after some initial hesitation from his Mom, packed his bags and headed West. The following summer, Brad Bird gave Peter a job as an in-betweener for The Iron Giant and toward the end of production, some scenes to work on. Having a chance to watch Brad and the other animator’s work was inspirational and a great learning opportunity for Peter.  After graduation, he did some work with Disney and Warner Bros. Animation, as an animator on Osmosis Jones.

Peter began working for Pixar Animation Studios in September 2000, where he worked in both the art and story departments for Finding Nemo. When he joined the crew of The Incredibles, he contributed as both a story artist and animator.

Peter was a production artist on the 2005 short One Man Band before becoming a storyboard artist and animator for the Oscar winning Ratatouille and lent his voice (and likeness) to the role of Emile, the main character’s brother.

Peter expanded his scope and tackled cinematography duties on two live action shorts (Violet and Trifles). He also worked as a story artist on two other Oscar winners, Wall-E and Up

Peter’s writing and directorial debut, Partly Cloudy (along with being the visual inspiration for the Up character) has practically made Peter a household name in the movie and animation world. His inspiration for Partly Cloudy can be traced back to storks in Disney’s classic Dumbo and wondering where those babies come from.

Pete is currently co-directing Bob Peterson’s The Good Dinosaur due out in May, 2014.


  • The Iron Giant (1999) (additional animator)
  • Osmosis Jones (2001) (animator)
  • Finding Nemo (2003) (story artist, production artist)
  • The Incredibles (2004) (story artist, animator)
  • One Man Band (2005) (production artist)
  • Ratatouille (2007) (animator, storyboard artist, voice of Emile)
  • Your Friend the Rat (2007) (voice of Emile)
  • Violet (2007) (cinematographer)
  • WALL-E (2008) (storyboard artist)
  • Up (2009) (storyboard artist)
  • Trifles (2009) (cinematographer)
  • Leonardo (2009) (animator)
  • Partly Cloudly (2009) (character designs, screenplay, director)
  • Brave (2012) (additional story artist)
  • The Good Dinosaur (2014) (co-director)


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  • Peter’s likeness can also be seen as one of the three Tiki Heads in the dentist office aquarium in Finding Nemo.
  • Peter did some early work on Up including storyboarding the house going up on the air and some of the first drawings of Russell.
  • He currently lives in the Bay Area with his wife Anna, who he met at CalArts.


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